Monitoring gateways are remote agents (soft gates) that get installed in key points of your network and tie in to a central network operation center (NOC). The system is powered by Paessler’s PRTG, and coupled with custom-coded GUI robots that behave as end-users for true end-user monitoring of your application. This allows for enterprise class NOC features, delivered as a service.

Monitor your infrastructure performance as well as your parnter’s SLA from your own virtual NOC

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    Network Monitoring

    eNugen uses remote probes and sensors to monitor network devices, QOS, WMI, SNMP and Flow protocols… 
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    Performance Monitoring

    From virtualization hosts to the internet of things (IoT), probes and agentless sensors can collect performance data to do trend analysis and alert on deviation from the norm
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    SNMP, WMI, SOAP, Syslog… 
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    Service and Processes Monitoring

    Through granular analysis of processes (executables) and services (daemons), soft gates give a deep insight into server utilization.
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    Monitoring of Business Services as a group

    Templating of services, maps, grouping of sensors into meaningful reports
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    SLA reports and alert/notification system

    Including mobile app, html and pdf reports, SMS, email, and many more