eNugen specializes in delivering state of the art Storage, Security and Monitoring as a service
Managed Gateways lower TCO, protect your data and enable the hybrid cloud

Storage Gateways

Managed BDR
Online Collaboration

Regulatory Compliance


Security Gateways

UTM Firewall / VPN
Advanced Threat Protection
Endpoint Protection

Cloud Portals

Monitoring Portal (NOC)
Data Access Portal
Security Portal


Flexible Solutions

From regulatory compliance, user authentication, end-to-end security to the size of the dataset, eNugen has a solution that can adapt and scale to fit your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Why hybrid? Our private cloud (local NAS) supports encrypted data protocol over public internet for rapid storage, sharing and recovery of files at the local level. Coupled with a public cloud repository for disaster recovery and central management, this hybrid solution brings the best of both approaches. An eNugen managed gateway will reduce costs, reduce network traffic and provide scalability to any size company.

Managed Services

Without costly up front investment in infrastructure and brain power, your business can benefit from state of the art data management, security and monitoring as a service. Through careful selection of partners and economies of scale, eNugen established an affordable solution that delivers enterprise class features.


eNugen manages all storage, security, and monitoring gateways remotely. Our admin accounts do not allow us to view any data, only to manage it. We set up everything, so you save time and money. For a monthly or yearly fee, let us manage your data storage, security and monitoring needs.

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eNugen takes charge of the setup and maintenance to offer a true end to end service. Our goal: thousands of happy clients! Whether you are an end-user looking for managed IT services or a software company that would like to tailor and bundle our services with your application for your customers, contact us for a quote.

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eNugen will deliver regular updates, reports and access audits which can be customized to fit your needs. We tie in together three heavy lifting areas of IT into one solution for a truly lower TCO. with eNugen, experience a new generation of Storage, Security and Monitoring as a service.

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